Simple, all-in-one pricing for parent communication.

SkoolBag's pricing is based on the number of students at your school. Use the calculator below to estimate your price. Remember, there's no signup fee and no hidden extras - teachers and students are free!

My school has students and we’d like to subscribe for
SkoolBag All-In-One
School Communication App
Unlimited Notifications ?
Admin post from app ?
Unlimited, customised eForms ?
Custom Categories ?
Dynamic Categories ?
Unlimited Content ?
Unlimited Integrations ?
Payments ?
Unlimited Groups ?
Group Managers ?
School Branding ?
Full Privacy Controls ?
Unlimited Bulk Email ?
Notify by email ?
Customised Email Header ?
Bespoke Template Design ?
Viewer Statistics ?
Unlimited templates ?
Simple website template ?
Hosting ?
App Feed Widget ?
Unlimited Admin Staff
Email, phone, chat support
per year – less than per term
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Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?
Sign up for free and add your school. You can then populate your parent app with content and send test messages. Once you’re ready to go, simply confirm your order and invite your community to download the SkoolBag app to their phone or tablet.
What type of content can be added to SkoolBag?
You can add all types of content to your app, video links, web links, documents, images, there's no limit to the content that you can add.
Is it easy to use?
SkoolBag has been created with all possible customers in mind. It is easy to use and doesn't require any specialist IT knowledge. Thousands of schools can’t be wrong!
Is it free for parents and students to use?
Yes - only the school pays to use SkoolBag.
Is there a set up fee?
Nope! Simply signup and start using the app. There are no extra setup or staff training costs.
How does billing work?
You'll be billed annually in advance, commit to two years to receive a discount.

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